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Listing of Important Website Changes

This website is regularly updated with carefully selected hand picked sun dried nuggets of information. Check this page now and again to keep up with what's happening at UltraDark.

WED-25-AUG-2004Our ever popular Combo Viewer launched as a commercial product and is available here.
SUN-23-MAY-2004New Translation Central subweb.
TUE-27-APR-2004New Windows Hints & Tips page.
TUE-20-APR-2004Update information added to footer on all pages.
THU-15-APR-2004New Analysis Wisdom subweb.
FRI-09-APR-2004Implemented automatic generation of MDA Links page and associated Combo View pages.
TUE-30-MAR-2004Improved navigation and website made Google friendly.
MON-22-DEC-2003New OMG MDA User Guide page.
MON-15-DEC-2003New PARSEC Error Messages page.
MON-08-DEC-2003Significant update of MDA Links page.
MON-10-NOV-2003Launch of completely revamped and greatly expanded Website.