The Model Driven Architecture Initiative from the Object Management Group
The MDA approach is new and immature. It's probably not suitable for full use on real projects right now, but the approach offers major future benefits. We help you track the OMG's progress with MDA by providing a central resource for all MDA related information.
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Click Me! Introduction

Our Aims and Objectives

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Click Me! MDA in a Nutshell

A brief look at Model Driven Architectures

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Click Me! The Benefits of MDA

The MDA may be new but it shows promise

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Click Me! What Has Gone Before

Find out how the MDA came about

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Click Me! The OMG

A look at the work of the OMG

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Click Me! UML Overview

The UML from a MDA perspective

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Click Me! Deeper into MDA

Find out what makes the MDA approach so powerful

Click Me! MDA User Guide

Salient points in requirements style

Click Me! Tool Support

Current and future tool support

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Click Me! Management Stuff

What managers need to know about MDA

Click Me! Selected Links

External MDA websites, books and articles

Click Me! MDA Acronyms

TLAs, acronyms and abbreviations