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Our Aims and Objectives

Here we present information that is primarily designed to promote the OMG's Model Driven Architecture approach to software development from the Shlaer-Mellor (Translationist) viewpoint.

Although this information is intended to appeal to Business Analysts, Technical Architects and Developers who have used UML, we hope it will be a useful starting point for anyone wishing to know more about MDA.

Aims and Objectives

Our eventual aim is to see the large scale adoption of the Model Driven Architecture approach as the standard method for developing bespoke software packages and integrating third party Middleware products.

It's recognized that there is some way to go before this can become a reality and hope the UltraDark Website will assist the software development community realize the full potential of MDA.

Your Comments

Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions on our approach to MDA.