The PLASMA Tool Set for Model Driven Architectures
Work first started on PLASMA in 1994 and continued, albeit with several interruptions, until the end of 1998. The PLASMA project has now restarted with the aim of making it known to the wider Software Development community. Some components are now available for download. However, there is still much work to do before it can actually be used for real software development.
Node Crossover
Click Me! Introduction

A quick overview of the PLASMA tool set

Node Two
Click Me! An Analysis of OOA

The obvious first step of tool production

Node Three
Click Me! The Metamodel

The place where all the data lives

Block Triangle
Click Me! PARSEC

A Code Generator for the Model Compiler

Node Four
Click Me! Code Templates

Create code for any architecture in any language

Node Five
Click Me! Diagram Converter

A harvester of objects and their behavior from UML pictures

Node Seven
Click Me! Software Architecture

A virtual machine for executing OOA models

Node Eight
Click Me! PULSAR

An interactive event level test environment

Rod Medium
Click Me! The Test System

A simple test tool for drawing UML diagrams