A Translation Engine for Automatic Code Generation
PARSEC is a handy little code generator, but it's actually a sophisticated Archetype Language Processor that lies at the heart of the Model Compiler translation process.
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Click Me! Overview

An introduction to the PARSEC Model Compiler

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Click Me! Template Syntax

A description of PARSEC's control directives

Click Me! Running PARSEC

Starting PARSEC from the command line

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Click Me! Template Tutorial

A PARSEC tutorial for beginners

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Click Me! Worked Example

Creating a website with PARSEC templates

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Click Me! Code Style Guide

Template coding conventions style guide

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Click Me! Schema Definition

PARSEC metamodel schema configuration

Click Me! PARSEC Errors

Error messages from PARSEC

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Click Me! Problem Reports

List of bugs, errors and observations

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Click Me! Software Licence

Terms and conditions for using PARSEC software

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