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The Template Engine can be invoked from the command line. It requires that two directories and a file specification be given as arguments.

The first argument is the pathname of the directory holding three files defining the schema of the Metamodel. These files must be named OBJ.txt, ATT.txt and REL.txt.

The objects file, OBJ.txt, defines the tables that implement the Metamodel. ATT.txt defines the attributes for each object and REL.txt specifies the relationships between the objects.

The second argument is the location of the tables of the Metadata. The directory specified must contain further directories as given in the OBJ.txt file under the Realm and Domain headings.

The third and last argument gives the pathname to a Code Template file for processing.

A listing of simple batch file (Gen.bat is provided with the worked example) to invoke the Template Engine is given below:

    Set Parsec="C:\Plasma\Programs\Parsec.exe"
    Set SCHEMA$DIR="C:\Plasma\Schemas\Website"
    Set METADATA$DIR="C:\Plasma\Metadata\Content"
    Set TEMPLATE$DIR="C:\Plasma\Templates\Main"

    %Parsec% %SCHEMA$DIR% %METADATA$DIR% "%TEMPLATE$DIR%\^Code.mcx"

    Set Parsec=

There are two options available, -d and -h. The -d option will display the Metadata tables as they are read during initialisation and the -h option will display help and status information:

PLASMA*PARSEC - Version 0.6.4
(C) 1994-1999, Dark Matter Systems Ltd.  All rights reserved.

Usage: parsec [options] schema_directory metadata_directory code_template_file

Main options:
    -d                                  Display object source files
    -h                                  Show this help

    parsec -h
    parsec    c:\plasma\schema c:\plasma\metadata c:\plasma\template\code.txt
    parsec -d c:\plasma\schema c:\plasma\metadata c:\plasma\template\code.txt

Product Expiry Date: TUE-15-JUL-2003