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PARSEC Configuration Tables

Metadata schema tables define the actual tables that hold the data for the system or application that is to be built. The PARSEC configuration map is contained within three tables each in a separate file: OBJ.txt defines the objects, ATT.txt defines the attributes of the objects [Intraobject] and REL.txt defines relationships between the objects [Interobject].

Each row declared in the OBJ.txt file specifies an object's name, location and domain TLA (Three Letter Abbreviation). Also declared are the number of identifying attributes (key fields) and where the first identifying attribute starts in the list of attributes.

Attributes for the objects are specified in the table in the ATT.txt file. Each row declares one attribute for a single object.

Relationships are specified in the REL.txt file. Each row defines the direction the relationship goes; in one way only. The direction in which the relationship is implemented is always to the object that contains the referential attribute.

The context object is specified first then the template or next joined object is given. Lastly, the order is simply the location in the template object of the referential attribute (foreign key) that formalizes the relationship.

Configuration Table Formats

Both the Metadata schema tables and the Metadata tables are held in plain text files and obey the same format.

All data items on a line are separated by white space and are considered to be of type string. The double quote character is used to enclose a data item if it contains spaces. The "|" character indicates that the rest of the line should be treated as a comment.